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Talesai Owner Launches Thai Street Food Eatery, Night Market

On Thursday Talesai owner Kris Yenbamroong launches his newest endeavor, Night Market, an upscale approach to Thai street food. Located directly next door to Talesai, guests enter through the Sunset staple into Night Market for a bevy of eats inspired by Yenbamroong's adventures through Bangkok's open markets and street stalls as a teenager. Expect to sample the likes of fried chicken wings with northern-style chile dip nam prik noom, and grilled pig's collar with jaew, an eastern Thai condiment, paired with craft brews and vino. As the name suggests, Night Market caters to a slightly later crowd, opening hours run Thursday-Sunday, 6PM- midnight, though down the line Yenbamroong plans to remain open until 2AM.
·Talesai on Sunset Boulevard to Open Night Market Next Door [DD]

Night Market

9041 Sunset Blvd., West Hollywood, CA