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Pho Minh, A J. Gold Pho Fave, Stops Cooking in El Monte

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L.A. proper, as well as County, already has a dearth of good pho places, most are garbage if not straight out imitators (I'm shouting you out K-Town), so it's sad to see a good one go. Pho Minh has shuttered its doors for three weeks now and does not look to reopen. When asked about Pho Minh's status, the beauty salon owner next door said, "He's too young, he wants to go out and play." Boiling beef bones for eight hours a day will win you fans, but not a social life. The closing hits at an inopportune time as this is set to be one of the coldest times of the year for which a pipping hot bowl of pho is an appropriate remedy. Pho Minh had recently made J. Gold's prestigious 99 list. — Nguyen Trong Hoang

Pho Minh

9646 E. Garvey Ave., South El Monte, Ca