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Sneak Peek

4033533278_3433f1d57e_o.jpgIt was only fitting for the Supperclub, that mess of a nighttime entertaining venue clad with dominatrixes, opera singers, and midgets on bicycles, to hold pre-opening parties over Halloween weekend. While the venue isn't yet open to the public, Bottle Service Is For Tourists caught a glimpse inside, explaining that "if you have been to Playhouse, then you've been to the new Supper Club Los Angeles venue...Just like Playhouse, if you are looking for classy, sexy, interesting and attractive people in LA/Hollywood...this ain't the place to be...Their soft opening this past Saturday night was a bit lack luster and last night (Halloween) for the most part looked like a bunch of people who were barely out of high school, as well as a massive amount of randoms who bought tickets off Craig's List. My prediction: this venue will try and host a few special events, but after 6 months it will be the next PlayHouse, Vanguard, Kress and Avalon. Home to the weekend warriors and Orange County tourists." [BSIFT]