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L'Epicerie Market Finally Launches in Culver City Today

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Phone: 310-815-1600
Status: Opened this morning
Lo and behold, after a series of setbacks, Thierry Perez FINALLY debuted his French market and cafe, opening up the doors to L'Epicerie Market at 7AM this morning. Culver City has become Frenchified over the past few years due in large part to Perez, he helped open Fraiche, then last summer Le Saint Amour appeared (not connected to Perez), now Perez brings a bevy of French fare via sit down dining or grab and go. There are a few cafe tables up front beside the magazine rack offering both American and International reads, grab a cappuccino over at the coffee bar, or a bottle of domestic or international wine to pair with dinner. L'Epicerie is a multi-purpose venue, a place to pop by and snag a packaged sandwich, soup, or salad, then stock up on pantry goods like mustard, olive oil, vinegar that sort of thing. Also on offer freshly baked bread, a wide assortment of chevre, a full-on ice cream bar, hey, better late than never.
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