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Happy Holidays...

2010_10_magnoliabakery-thumb-thumb.png...From Magnolia Bakery. Today marks day three of the bakery's Twelve Days of Twitter giveaway where it will dole out an assortment of accrued prizes on a daily basis. To participate simply follow @magnoliabakery and retweet the daily prize between 9AM and 8:59AM. So, that means on day 12 the winner receives all 12 prizes. Here's the schedule: Day 1- a mini ornament box and a t-shirt; Day 2- two mini cheesecakes; Day 3- three fudge brownies; Day 4- four jars of sprinkles; Day 5- five fresh-baked breakfast muffins; Day 6- six-inch classic cake; Day 7- seven whoopie cookies' Day 8- eight lemon squares; Day 9- nine-inch icebox pie; Day 10- 10 mini fruit crisps; Day 11- 11 banana pudding scoops; Day 12- 12 assorted cupcakes. [EaterWire]

Magnolia Bakery

8389 W 3rd Street, Los Angeles, CA 90048 323 951 0636 Visit Website

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