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Trucks Banned From Venice's First Friday Through March

Those who attended the most recent First Friday on Abbot Kinney probably noticed the dearth of food trucks parked along the Boulevard. Local businesses have felt that mobile vendors steal customers, so on Friday, December 3, merchants paid the Department of Transportation to post "No Parking from 4PM-11:30PM" signs. Hence, AK was mostly truck-less. Anyway, last week the Abbot The Abbot Kinney Merchants Committee (AKMC) of the Venice Chamber of Commerce met to discuss, among other issues, the lack of trucks on Abbot Kinney and apparently locals found the most recent First Friday "more pleasant" since attendees could walk freely through the streets and such. As a result, the AKMC voted to extend the truck ban for First Fridays through March. A permanent solution has yet to be reached.
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