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Black Cat Bakery Opens in Former Mani's Space Tomorrow

According to owners Nile Park and Bob McGlashan, Black Cat Bakery, a labor of love years in the making, opens tomorrow. The bakers are trained, the kitchen is prepped, but the designers and contractors are still putting the finishing touches on the decor. It all feels a little last minute. James Achor and Heather Tom (better known for her red carpet appearances) are the duo behind the 1920s inspired design. They frequent flea markets and estate sales for their vintage, one-of-a-kind finds. For Black Cat, they aimed to keep it all clean and comfortable, while still honoring the building's history and delighting the eye. Black Cat (with a logo somewhat similar to The Little Door's just around the corner on West 3rd St.) is a full service bakery that plans to serve breakfast all day and lunch into the late afternoon. A chalkboard menu will list daily specials from Chef Nick Coe. Cookies, muffins and other sweetened baked goods will be made in house, but breads are purchased from Homeboy Bakery. A menu of house-made beverages, including a full espresso bar, is also available. As for the cuisine, Coe and company are aiming for "American with a Southern accent." Think Eggs Benedict with a flat-top cornbread instead of the usual muffin, house-made pork belly hash, collard greens and spicy hollandaise.

Price-wise, Park has insisted on an affordable menu: "Breakfast shouldn't cost $20 a person, that's what you'll find on 3rd Street. Here, you can get a full, filling breakfast for half that and be treated like a neighbor," he notes. Comfortable seating, sturdy butcher block tables and a homey atmosphere await. Black Cat opens Wednesday at 8AM, serving daily from 8AM to 4PM. — Daniela Galarza