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Michael Sutton "Voluntarily" Closes Guys & Dolls

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It's tough enough to run a nightclub in Los Angeles and maintain a steady business with Hollywood stars and starlets flocking to whatever venue has opened within the past five minutes, but underage drinking and a fatal shooting, now that's just trouble. NO shocker to hear that West Hollywood nightspot, Guys & Dolls, has shuttered as of this past Saturday. The West Hollywood Business License Commission (BLC) charged owner Michael Sutton with violating the club's probation (which stemmed from that whole under age drinking situation). Apparently, the night that tragic shooting went down, G&D had an unlicensed promoter drawing in guests. In response to the accusations, Sutton "charged the Commission with acting with an agenda to close the club over the shooting and decried what he called blatantly racist remarks by a commissioner." Nonetheless, "The Commission overwhelmingly approved revocation of their business license" and Sutton "voluntarily" ceased operations because "fighting city hall is not something we were looking to get into." Who will move in next?
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Guys & Dolls

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