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Two Seasonal Stars For Cube; Pan-Asian at Daisy Mint

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1) Mid-City: Good ol' Twitter drew SIV into Cube and, while she has almost no negative criticism about the restaurant and market, it snags the twospot. Chef Erin Eastland serves "California Italian — West Coast interpretations of Italian classics," Sher is a fan of both the tortellini in brodo and the thin crust pizzas which are "almost as good." She deems Cube "a great little neighborhood restaurant, warm and familial, with honest seasonal cooking...nobody at Cube is just picking at their food. This crowd comes to eat. The place has a great energy...One of the best things about Cube is its great quirky vibe — mostly because of the terrific staff. How often do you go to a restaurant where everyone who works there seems to like each other...This is a neighborhood restaurant with a warm embrace for everyone." [LAT]

Elizabeth Daniels 10/10

2) Pasadena: Today The Goldster discusses the "other" Chinese restaurant, not the locale to test one's bravery with crazy unpronounceable ingredients, but rather the neighborhood Chinese restaurant, in this case Daisy Mint. "I have always thought of Daisy Mint as a standby Pasadena lunch place...The menu has shifted in the two years the restaurant has been open, from truly pan-Asian to basically Thai with an occasional Korean or Vietnamese accent...So I was slightly confused when I stumbled into the restaurant at dinnertime and found it to be anything but sleepy...Daisy Mint is not necessarily a different restaurant at dinner — the menu is the same — but it feels as if it is: less salady and more big eats, more flirty than refined, with a smooth, delicious Panang curry with chunks of stewed pumpkin; shellfish and crab served on a superheated sizzle plate; and an unfortunate slab of overcooked salmon broiled in a congealed cream sauce...But there is fried ice cream for dessert." [LAW]

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615 N. La Brea Ave., Los Angeles, CA