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Paolo Cesaro Reclaims Former Hidden Space For New Resto

It's true. Ado partners Paolo Cesaro (Via Veneto) and Antonio Mure (Piccolo) expand from their quaint year and a half old yellow cottage, down the block and across the street, claiming the shuttered Hidden/Cache space. Construction is underway and last week the two applied for a liquor license, though no venue name has been disclosed just yet.

What's so interesting about this takeover is that it's a second run for Cesaro within the same space. Several years back during his Via Veneto tenure, owners of Via Veneto snagged the same venue opening a most unsuccessful restaurant hybrid called Hidden, serving an amalgam of Italian, Mexican, Vietnamese and Japanese eats. Yeah...NO. Word of advice: focus on one type of cuisine and do it well. Don't spread yourself too thin with four chefs jockeying for kitchen space. Anyway, Cesaro oversaw operations for team Via Veneto, and now he steps up once again to bat, this time as his own boss. Should be interesting to see what he puts into the space, presumably some type of rustic Italian situation like Ado.
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3110 Main Street, Santa Monica, CA, 90405