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Inside Mozza 2Go's Family-Style Theme Dinners

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Not too long ago, Nancy Silverton started hosting weekly "family" dinners in Mozza 2Go's private dining room next door. Each month features a different theme ingredient for which chef Chad Colby concocts a five course menu (plus dessert). For example, over the summer one family dinner featured local heirloom tomatoes, while more recently the December ingredient fell to pork, an single Heritage USA pig from which he crafted salumi, pate, and pork belly sausage, in addition to pork ragu, pork chop, and pork shoulder.

Twenty two diners gather around a communal table, glasses of complimentary Prosecco in hand, kicking off the meal with wedges of Nancy's famous ciabatta topped with tomatoes or olives, whatever is in season. Not only did Eater take notice of these dinners, which also seem reasonably priced at $75 a head for unlimited eats (a three course dinner at Osteria Mozza can easily cost over $75 a head), but today the New York Times shares its experience as well. Mozza 2Go's family dinners are held on most Friday and Saturday nights, check out the full schedule here. Food porn here.
·At Mozza’s Dinners, a Family Is Born [NYT]

Mozza 2 Go

6610 Melrose Ave., Los Angeles, CA