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Wurstkuche's Joseph Pitruzzelli Designs Your Home Furniture

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Joseph Pitruzzelli the sausage slinger and restaurateur, but Joseph Pitruzzelli the furniture designer? True that. From the inbox: "We'd like to introduce you to WoodSmithe. WoodSmithe is a LA based Design Build Firm that partners with local up-and-coming designers to bring exclusive small run products to market. WoodSmithe is proud to announce the Timber & Ore Collection from designer Joseph Pitruzzelli. The Timber and Ore Bar Stool and Timber & Ore stool can be be found at Joseph's restaurant, local LA hot spot Wurstküche.The stools are constructed of reclaimed beach and steel, available in two sizes. Each piece is hand branded and numbered, 1-500, in a limited collection complete with a certificate of authenticity." Snag your very own Wurstkuche bar stools right here. [Eater Inbox]


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