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Marina Car Wash Works To Stage "Plight" Play Outside Koi

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So, that whole car wash lawsuit filed against the Sikder family, who owns Japanese celebrity haunt Koi, in addition to a slew of car washes through town, ensues. The initial allegations suggested that employees were denied minimum wage and overtime, sometimes we not paid at all, in addition to a whole slew of other injustices. The saga continues, and the latest word that is that employees from Marina Car Wash, who lost their jobs when owners recently closed the business, plan to picket tonight outside Koi. But wait, get this. The "picket" takes form as a play about their "plight." Tonight, 8PM, outside Koi, admission is free.

Workers Star in a Christmas Skit Outside Celebrity Frequented Restaurant Chain

WHAT: This Wednesday night, organizing carwash workers from Marina Car Wash who lost their jobs when the owners closed the business right before Christmas will be taking their struggle to the stars. The carwasheros, as they’re known, will be performing a play about their plight at the celebrity-frequented KOI restaurant, which is owned by members of the same family involved in the carwash.

Dipu Haque, who owns Marina Car Wash, and other members of his family are connected with the KOI restaurant chain, which has locations in LA, NY, Las Vegas and Bangkok. The Sikder family homes include a mansion in the Hollywood Hills and its members own a veritable fleet of luxury cars — many branded with vanity plates proclaiming the family name. KOI boasts celebrity clients such as Paris Hilton and Lindsay Lohan, and the restaurant has often been featured in the hit series Entourage. Dipu’s brother Nick Haque, is most associated with KOI Los Angeles, and has an ownership stake in one of the carwashes in a lawsuit brought by the Attorney General for over $6.6 million in lost wages and penalties.

WHO: Carwash workers, many of whom were paid less than minimum wage will act in a play at a Hollywood restaurant, regularly frequented by the entertainment industry. Members of the family who have ownership in the KOI restaurant chain are entangled in a scandal at their carwash business, including a multi-million dollar lawsuit by the Attorney General for crimes including wage theft.

WHEN: Wednesday, Dec 22nd, 8:00pm (WILL OCCUR REGARDLESS OF WEATHER)

WHERE: KOI Restaurant, 730 N. La Cienega Blvd, Los Angeles, CA

WHY: On December 9th, the owners of Marina Car Wash closed its doors at a carwash where workers had been organizing to form a union and had participated in an investigation of the carwash by the Attorney General. Yesterday, the Carwash Workers Organizing Committee of the United Steelworkers filed a charge with the National Labor Relations Board alleging that the employer closed the carwash in retaliation for workers' union and other protected concerted activities. Although a KOI restaurant sells a nearly $10,000 bottle of wine, the workers of Marina Car Wash have alleged that they were not even provided with drinking water. The lawsuit also charges that the owners of the carwash regularly denied minimum wage and overtime compensation and that workers were given paychecks with insufficient funds.

·Proprietors of Koi Sued Over Worker Exploitation At Secondary Car Wash Business [~ELA~]

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