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Jose Andres Unleashes Third Vegas Concept, "e"

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Aha! Speaking of Jose Andres and his newest contributions to the Vegas dining circuit, there still one more. The week old Cosmopolitan has quietly rolled out a third concept from modern Spanish gastronomer chef Jose Andres. According to the Washington Post who spoke with Andres, the new space “e” will be an 8-top bar space like D.C’s Minibar and Los Angeles’ Saam and will focus on the “pure ingredient.” It is tucked inside a private room at Jaleo. Score a spot at one of the two nightly seatings by emailing for $150+ per person, or reserve the room from $3000 an evening. New Year's Eve is coming up...
·Jose Andres: 'E' is not a Las Vegas Minibar [WaPo]
— David Morris

[Photo: Grub Trotters]


3708 Las Vegas Boulevard South, Las Vegas, NV 89109