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Last Night Marina Car Wash Employees "Play" Outside Koi

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Last night, as promised, former employees of the recently closed Marina Car Wash staged a protest outside (still trendy?) West Hollywood restaurant Koi. Neighbors, observers and press took up the entire sidewalk just outside of Koi where demonstrators staged a protest play with full on props (a large children's plastic toy car) and uniforms (possibly the actual uniforms they wore when they worked at the Marina Car Wash) to enhance the look of their show. A narrator spoke into a microphone so that passersby and restaurant diners could hear the details of the play. As the narrator explained, car wash employees were treated poorly, often went unpaid and were insulted by business owners.
What's a Koi hostess to say when diners ask what's happening outside? "Oh, they've decided to use our sidewalk as a protest space. It's city property, so we can't do anything about it." Management at Koi repeatedly declined to make a statement about the situation, brushing it off as an inconvienence. Despite the "inconvienence," Koi had a mostly full dining room last night, which begs the question: Do LA diners care how the staff that serves them are treated? Possibly not. In any case, the protest was a tough act to swallow.
·Marina Car Wash Works To Stage "Plight" Play Outside Koi [~ELA~]
— Daniela Galarza

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