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Jonathan Gold's 10 Best Dishes of 2010

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In lieu of a review this week, Jonathan Gold looks back over the past year of dining and calls out his top 10 dishes of 2010. Here's what makes the cut (oh, and apparently cappuccino counts as a "dish"):

1) Cappuccino from Intelligentsia.
2) Short rib wrapped in fig leaves by Javier Plascencia at Test Kitchen.
3) Pastilla chile soup with chicharrones at Lazy Ox Canteen.
4) Poached egg in rice veloute with Christmas oil at LudoBites.
5) Hot buttered kimchi chow at Chego.
6) Duck carnitas at Cacao Mexicatessen.
7) Blood clams at La Cevicheria.
8) Tonkotsu ramen at Jinya.
9) Bacon-wrapped bacon at Fig.
10) Vampiro at stand Tacos Guanajuato.

·The 10 Best Dishes of 2010 [LAW]

[Photo: Fish Bowl LA]