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2010 Top Newcomers in Los Angeles

The close of 2010 is upon us, and as is the tradition here at Eater, we've surveyed a variety of bloggers, writers, and industry types to comment on the LA dining scene over the past 12 months — as well as what diners in our fair city might expect to see in the year to come. The results will run in this space throughout the week from Meal of the Year to Top Standbys. But we want you, dear readers, to share your voice, too, so don't forget the comments.
[Photo: Waterloo & City, an oft-mentioned top newcomer.]

Q: What are the top newcomers of 2010?

Jeff Miller, Thrillist: Chego! and Tinga, for the exact same reason: this year was all about value, and both of those restaurants deliver absolutely amazing food that, dollar-for-dollar, is the best deal in the city. There may be "better" fine-dining food, but if you don't want to worry about your next car payment and want to eat something delicious, fun, and interesting, either of them are perfect.

Brad Metzger, restaurant recruiter Restaurant Solutions: Waterloo and City, Simplethings, Blue Plate Oysterette, Cleo.

Zach Brooks, Midtown Lunch: Washington represent! Waterloo & City and A-Frame.

Hadley Tomicki, Grub Street: Tinga, A-Frame, Red Medicine, LudoBites 4.0-6.0, Hatfield's, and WP24.

Josh Lurie, Food GPS: The most exciting restaurants to open in Los Angeles in 2010 were probably Waterloo & City and Red Medicine. The former is primarily due to Brendan Collins’ Prime pork chop with black pudding, which gets my vote for dish of the year. At the latter, Jordan Kahn’s menu reads like some kind of food lover’s dream, the plating is imaginative, and while he still has some adjustments to make, the nouveau Vietnamese restaurant could eventually become our version of the Slanted Door. FarmShop also intrigues me, but my first visit will have to wait until 2011. Bring on the fried chicken.

Neil Kohan, Food Marathon: Flavors of Belize, Four Cafe, A-Frame, Earl's Gourmet Grub.

Barbara Fairchild, former E-I-C Bon Appetit: WP 24, BOA's relocation, Sweet Butter, Loteria Grill Studio City, Chego, Lazy Ox.

Cathy Chaplin, Gastronomy: Xoia, Manila Machine, Shaky Alibi, Pa-Ord.

Odell: A-Frame, Scarpetta, Test Kitchen, Tinga, WP24, Red Medicine, FarmShop, Salt's Cure, Red O (simply because it brought Rick Bayless, in some capacity, to LA).