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sugarFish SM, Beachwood BBQ, Taberna BH

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1) Santa Monica: Slightly delayed, Sushi Nozawa's sugarFISH outpost four is expected to open on 2nd and Santa Monica late January/early February. [EaterWire]

2) Long Beach: Seal Beach's famed Beachwood BBQ, "Where The Fork...Meets The Pork," is expanding! Up above, an abc beer and wine license spotted on 3rd Street at the Long Beach Promenade (downtown). Right now the huge space is completely empty. [EaterWire]

3) Bevery Hills: Long gone are the pufferfish lamps and tiki-inspired dressings that once outfitted Luau. Taberna BH steps up to bat, though per the gutted space, an opening probably is still a ways off. A little Google action reveals that Taberna is an offshoot of Houston's, a budget-friendly new prototype that debuted over the summer in Arizona. Guests can expect dishes with Latin influences, to start, no chips and salsa, rather a basket of "homemade yucca, blue corn and plantain chips, paired with mango, avocado and guajillo salsas." [AZ Central, previously]