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Carmela Ice Cream Launches Both Storefront and Truck

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Tackling not just one medium but two, Carmela Ice Cream gears up to launch both a small batch ice creamery in Pasadena plus a truck to boot. Up until now Carmela Ice Cream has appeared at local farmers markets and a few shops around town, though in the next few weeks co-owners Jessica Mortarotti and Zachary Cox take the next step by upgrading their three year old company with a full-service kitchen plus retail front where their "garden-flavored" ice cream will be produced and sold (mmm salted caramel, strawberry buttermilk). In addition to the cool treats, Carmela Ice Cream will also sell a bevy of other locally made artisan foodstuffs like a variety of toppings from Valerie Confections, teas and marshmallows by Sugarbird Teas & Sweets, and cupcakes from Blue Cupcake. Down the line one might also be able to score an Heirloom LA lunch.

On to mobile ice cream. Jessica and Zachary scooped up a retro 1975 ice cream truck which they plan to use for their growing wholesale business. Expect to see the truck at farmers markets and private events. [EaterWire]