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Hollywood Farmers Market Leaving Hollywood?

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Um, What? From the inbox: "Out of town, but I heard a dirty rumor that the Hollywood Farmers Market had its last day? A friend e-mailed me that there is some dispute between a parking lot owner and the market, but it cannot be the end, right????"

Curbed via KTLA and ABC7 reports that the LA Film School is trying to boot the HFM from its 20-year home at the corner of Selma and Ivar. Apparently, the HFM blocks one of the school's parking ramps, thus the school is opposed to the market renewing its permit. A meeting between the city and the HFM was scheduled for yesterday, in the meantime this coming Sunday's market has been moved off Ivar. Oh, and feel free to join the Save the Hollywood Market Facebook page.
·LA Film School Wants Hollywood Farmers' Market Out of the Way [Curbed]

[Photo: Bunrab]

Ivar and Selma, Hollywood, CA