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Clean Street Food Truck Joins The Queue

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More mobile food madness. Quarry Girl spots newbie Clean Street Food, a truck which seemingly launched on Tuesday serving a hodgepodge menu of eats available "naked" or in sandwich form. There's a Thai chicken with shredded red cabbage salad and spicy homemade sambal; marinated steak, sliced Parmesan caesar salad and chopped tomato; a vegan Basquese chickpea salad with shredded red cabbage and herb lemonette; in addition to a couple other meat entrees, all served with dose of lettuce or cabbage. Entrees run between $6-$8, though according to the truck's website, its mission is to serve gourmet food at a "pedestrian price." Hm, costs appear pretty standard. Anyway, follow them here and here.
·Vegan at Clean Street Food Truck [Quarry Girl]