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Homegirl Cafe, Next Local Vendor Headed For LAX?

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At the beginning of last summer, LAX officials alerted the masses of their plan to add more local and higher end vendors to their slew of food offerings. Since then Pink's and Pinkberry (does this even count as food?) have hopped on the bandwagon, and now comes word that another local contender may be next at bat. Homegirl Cafe, a five year old Mexican restaurant run by ex-gang members (for real) could set up shop inside the depths of LAX. Homegirl Cafe founder Father Greg Boyle is vying for one of the prized eatery plots inside the airport and if Homegirl Cafe wins the space, the restaurant will serve a menu featuring local veggies picked from FarmLab and the Dolores Mission Catholic Church downtown. [DailyBreeze]

Outside Homegirl Cafe, downtown.