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Sweetsalt Food Shop Hits Toluca Lake

Phone: 818-509-8875
Status: Opened Jan 13
Just shy of one month old comes newbie Sweetsalt, a small cafe that doubles as retail/to-go shop in the vein of Joan's on Third and Thyme Cafe and Market. Do note, there is no table service here. Basically, diners walk up to the white marble counter, place an order, and one's name is called when food is ready. As far as dining options, Sweetsalt serves seven salads (seasonal bean salad, caprese, hearts of palm), eleven varied sandwiches (lavender duck confit, shiitake truffle panino, short rib roll), plus a design your own salad option, daily soups (today's soup: chicken tortilla with celery root and corn), cheeses, charcuterie and some homemade desserts (chocolate caramel bread pudding, mmm). Anyway, a nice new non-chain addition for The Valley. Opening hours are Monday-Friday 8AM to 7PM and Sunday 9AM to 5PM. [EaterWire]


10218 1/2 Riverside Drive, Toluca Lake, CA