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SIV Eats Naples-Style Pizza at Il Dolce; Gold Consumes "Transgressive Fantasy Cuisine" At The Gorbals

1) Today SIV drops by 2-month old Argentine-Italian hybrid Il Dolce for a bite of Neapolitan pizza: "If the service is sometimes confused in the heat of the moment, the food, and especially the pizzas, more than makes up for it...Il Dolce's pizzas are unrepentantly Naples-style, with a thin crust, billowy at the edges and decidedly not crisp...The dough itself has a great yeasty flavor too, whichever way you order it. Toppings are sparse, the way they are in Italy, mostly gathered at the center of the pie, leaving a wide ribbon of unadorned dough at the edges...All in all, Il Dolce is a bright new spot for a casual meal with artisanal pizza, good pasta and salads. Every neighborhood deserves a place like this..." [LAT]

2) Following in SIV's footsteps, The Goldster pays Ilan Hall's The Gorbals a visit, right off the bat recommending diners to only frequent the restaurant by night: " The Gorbals, perhaps, is a restaurant that should not be seen by the light of day, when the boxy tables look like a shop-class project, the artfully scuffed floors look worn, and the back-room speakeasy vibe is overtaken by the thought that the dim space may have once served as an industrial laundry room...what comes out of the Gorbals kitchen is the confrontational kind, food that challenges your belief systems about what cooking should be, dishes that are often easier to admire than actually to like...The menu's conceit, Scottish-Jewish food, is at first glance a transgressive fantasy cuisine designed to alienate as many people as possible...[however] The French fries, cooked with great handfuls of fresh dill, are my favorite in town at the moment." [LAW]

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The Gorbals

501 S Spring Street, Los Angeles, CA 90013 213 488 3408 Visit Website

The Gorbals

501 South Spring Street Los Angeles, CA 90013