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Joe Jonas at Little Dom's; Brad, Angelina, Javier, Penelope, and Selma at Sona

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Welcome back to the Eater StarWatch where it's OK to admit you couldn't stop staring at Lindsay Lohan push some lettuce around a plate. Spot a celeb at your favorite noshing ground? Put "StarWatch" in the subject line and lay it on us.

1) Little Dom's: "Just want to let you know that Joe Jonas was spotted leaving Little Dom’s restaurant in Los Feliz with an unknown blonde girl." [StarWatch Inbox]

2) Sona: "Brad and Angelina dined with Javier Bardem and Penelope Cruz. Tonight Salma Hayek is here." [StarWatch Inbox]

3) Sur: "Thursday night at Sur we saw Ed Helms and Tabatha from Salon Take over.. not dining together though! Tabitha was SO nice and chatted with us when we confessed our love!" [StarWatch Inbox]

4) Fraiche: "Larry David at Fraiche in Culver City for dinner Tuesday 2/9." [StarWatch Inbox]

5) Chaya Venice: "Luke Walton from the Lakers having dinner at Chaya Venice last night, Thursday Feb 4." [StarWatch Inbox]

6) Pig 'n Whistle: "Quentin Tarantino at Pig and Whistle last night in a green hooded sweatshirt." [StarWatch Inbox]


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