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Name Revealed: Trousdale Takes Over Blowfish Sushi Space

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A few more details on that lounge taking over the old Blowfish Sushi space on Sunset. Trousdale is the name, headed by previously mentioned Guy Starkman (Guy's), Darren Dzienciol (Guy's), with a third potential player, Mr. Brent Bolthouse himself. Haven't heard much about him since that whole SBE split over the summer. Anyway, Trousdale, named after the secluded Trousdale section of Beverly Hills behind the lounge, should open by the first week of March, and though the interior is still clearly plywood material, once complete, the lounge will embody a "playful Baroque" style.

Bar on one side, DJ booth across the room, an open lounge-y area in the middle with booths around the perimeter. Also note, days of operation: Tuesday, Friday, and Saturday nights only. As for libations, this place will definitely not serve your run-of-the-mill stuff, watch for some mixing and mudding to be going on here though a consulting mixologist is still tbd. Food too will be served, a menu is in the works.
·Inside Guy Starkman's Next Super Exclusive Un-Named Club [~ELA~]


9229 W Sunset Blvd., Los Angeles, CA, 90069

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