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Marcel Vigneron's New Stomping Ground, Bar210 and Plush

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Take a glance up above at the jewel-hued room, lots of pink, purple, and yellow going on up there. What is that? The old Trader Vic's space, part of the Beverly Hilton Hotel, has switched over to bar210 (pronounced two-one-oh) and plush, a dual lounge and nightclub with small plates controlled by Top Cheffer and ex-Bazaar alum, Marcel Vigneron. Apparently, plush is Beverly Hills' only nightclub and it will be open 10PM to 2AM Thursday through Saturday, while bar210 will be open Monday through Saturday from 5PM until 2AM. When Eater queried Marcel the molecular master (who was only hired last Wednesday) what what we should expect on the food end, he described the menu as "Modern Global Tastings" with the majority of the menu "comprised of moderately priced small plates that can be eaten without silver and are meant to be shared."

Wait for a private opening Friday night, with the public debut on Saturday.

tom kai froth ~ avocado wrapped mango ~ textures of basil ~ coconut milk powder

pickled green papaya slaw ~ black garlic aioli ~ pimenton espelette

burrata ~ petite arugula sylvetta ~ caramelized cippolini

·EaterWire: Marcel Vigneron To Cook at Bar210 and Plush Lounge [~ELA~]

Bar210 and Plush

9876 Wilshire Blvd., Beverly Hills, CA