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Cafe Habana Malibu Slowly Coming Together

About nine months ago the good news broke: Sean Meenan, owner of NYC's famed hipster Cuban eatery Cafa Habana was headed to this here coast in not just one, but two iterations, Cafe Habana in Malibu and Habana Outpost in Venice. Next up came word that the Malibu restaurant was scheduled to open first in the Malibu Lumberyard, and that it would be bigger than the Prince St. mainstay but smaller than the Brooklyn Outpost. In mid-September, the debut looks like it could come Decemberish, but since we are still Habana-less, that obviously didn't happen, glance above at the plywood shots to prove it. Last week we checked in with Meenan, eager to satiate that grilled corn fix, and he provided the most recent update, looks like April could bring the grand opening. Anyway, just to share a glimpse into the spacious soon-to-be world (at least there is some signage to prove it), glance above.
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Cafe Habana

23641 Pacific Coast Hwy., Malibu, Ca