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Sang Yoon's Next Big Project: Lukshon, An Asian Place

Father's Office creator and chef Sang Yoon usually likes to keep the press guessing, but this month he spilled some major beans in an article published by Food & Wine. Remember that noodle place we wrote about, oh, seven months ago? Yoon has renamed it Lukshon which is a spin-off on the Yiddish word for noodle (luchen or lucksh). Could this mean that Yoon is converting to Judaism? Mais non. He's simply paying homage to a woman he considers his surrogate Jewish grandmother. Eater stopped by the space, still a few doors down from the Culver City Father's Office on Helms Blvd, to check in. Yoon's business partner was on site and friendly enough to say that he couldn't give out any more information than the Food & Wine article already divulged. But, we were invited inside, where we found out that although the Food & Wine piece features several recipes by Yoon, he will not be serving these exact dishes at Lukshon, regardless of what the article says.

Frankly, if you've ever been to Father's Office and seen the rotating menu there, you have some sort of idea just how many ideas Yoon has on a day to day basis, so it's easy to see that while he may make some version of his Forbidden Fried Rice at Lukshon, holding him to a specific recipe would be unfair.

So, it's called noodle in Yiddish, does that mean it's a noodle place? No, don't be a shlemil. He will be serving noodles, but not only noodles. The focus will be on Southeast Asian cuisine. Will there be Japanese? There will be raw fish, and Japanese ingredients may make a cameo, but the focus is more on Thai, Chinese and Vietnamese cooking. From Food & Wine: "Basically, I drew a big circle around all of Asia and said, 'Anything's fair game,'?" Yoon explains. "I'm not going to say, 'This is an Indonesian dish' or 'That's an Indian one.' I'm just looking at the entire region as one big pantry." The space, not too large in size, will feature an open kitchen and about 80 seats, divided between an indoor dining room and outdoor, covered patio. There is also space for a small bar. You can take the man out of Father's Office, but you can't take the craft beer out of the man; there will be beer. The new Helms Blvd. doesn't extend through from Venice to Washington anymore; it's been closed off midway, and this encourages a casual walk-way, encouraging a calmer atmosphere. There's a desire to open for lunch and dinner. And about that opening date? "We're on track to open in 7 - 9 months, but we're not making any formal announcements."
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— Daniela Galarza


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3239 Helms Ave., Culver City, Ca