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Salt's Cure Moves A Few Bricks Closer To Its Spring Debut

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Here now, an exclusive first look inside Zak Walters and Chris Phelps' American restaurant and butcher shop, Salt's Cure. However, bear in mind, this will not be a full-on butcher shop such as the recently opened McCall's or Marconda's, Walters says, "We are more boutique and focused on 100% Californian high quality animals." Here one might find whole chickens, eggs, a fresh cut steak from each beef, pork, wild boar or lamb, some dry aged, bulk ground sausage, pate just to name a few. As for the restaurant aspect, it will focus on "quality food and cured meats." Walters is trying to dissuade anyone from expecting a full service butcher and/or traditional deli.

He says, "We might resemble these a bit, but much more a hybrid of both. The shop will always have plenty of product to choose from and eat, but if your thing is just beef tenderloin you might go home disappointed." Anyway, he and Phelps still have time to figure it all out since he expects to open around May 1 for lunch and butcher service.
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Salt's Cure

7494 Santa Monica Boulevard, West Hollywood, CA 90046 323-850-7258

Salt's Cure

7494 Santa Monica Blvd., Los Angeles, CA

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