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Jonathan Gold's 99 Things to Eat in L.A. Before You Die

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Grab a copy of LA Weekly and devote the rest of your morning to reading Jonathan Gold's list of 99 Things to Eat in L.A. Before You Die. Unlike his annual list of Essential L.A. Restaurants, this piece zeros in on particular dishes, desserts and other edibles, going as specific as El Atacor #11's Potato Tacos, or as broad as street vendor cheese enchiladas. As usual, Gold includes selections for adventurous Angelenos. You'll learn how to find live, still-wiggling octopus (san nak ji) or apple pie with eel. Peppered in are also city favorites, such as Cut's bone marrow flan, Angeli's gnocchi, Mozza's pizza and the newly crowned staple, Kogi's kalbi taco. Fans of Gold know that his descriptions will inspire day trips, plan on visiting Lomita ("airy, eggy, stuffed to order with blackish sesame-flavored whipped cream"), Rosemead ("[noodles] fried with moo shoo pork...lots of garlic...immersed with tendon in a deep anise-scented beef broth"), and Arcadia ("thin-walled spheroids filled with pork, seasonings and teaspoonfuls of broth; mouthfuls of impossible juiciness; flavor-hits of a staggering intensity"). Pick up a copy to stash in the car. Click here to read the full report. [LAW] — Yvonne Ip

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