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Bobby Flay and Hubert Keller at Church & State, Gail Simmons and Hubert Keller at Mozza

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Once again, the Eater StarWatch where we dish on your recent celebrity sightings. Wanna play? Send your tips here with "StarWatch" in the subject line.

1) Church & State: "Chef Bobby Flay walked in on Sunday night looking terrific in a great suit! He did not have a reservation, but the hostess sat him while he was waiting for his guests to arrive. The Manager recoginzed him from across the room and greeted him and then told him that Chef Walter Manzke would love for him to have a table closer to the kitchen if he would like that. Bobby seemed very pleased with this and greeted Walter and thanked him as the manager was re-locating him to his new table right in front of the kitchen." [StarWatch Inbox]

2) Church & State: "Hubert Keller - with a group of six. Very Friendly and very pleasant to everyone. Mark Geragos & Guest Vincent Gallo and a couple of friends." [StarWatch Inbox]

3) Pizzeria Mozza: "The beautiful Gail Simmons and the uber-talented Hubert Keller eating a late afternoon lunch with a group at Pizzeria Mozza on Saturday." [StarWatch Inbox]

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