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Bob's Big Boy Opens in Pas, Jason Ha Names Restaurant, Sampling Jack's Classic Hamburgers

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PASADENA— He's baaaack. Bob's Big Boy finally did open about two weeks ago in Pasadena. Still in the works, a handful of outlets down south. [EaterWire]

DOWNTOWN Jason Ha, owner of E3rd Steakhouse and Zip Fusion sushi, has decided on a name for his next restaurant which will replace the Blue Dahlia Cafe. The idea is a Korean eatery with the prosaic name, KTown BBQ, where all dishes are under $10 with that whole grill your own food thing. Within the next few weeks Ha will hold a bargain $10 public tasting where guests can try all 23 menu items. And on the drinks front, expect fruit-infused sake, soju cocktails, beer, and wine. [EaterWire] —YE

NORTH HOLLYWOOD— Today, A Hamburger Today visits Jack's Classic Hamburgers, an old school drive-in on Riverside Drive. When dealing with a double cheeseburger "the patties, rather than recede into the background amid the competing condiment flavors, step forward with a strong, griddled crust...the lettuce and tomato were fresh and flavorful and the mayo added some nice extra fat. The bun, a seeded commercial, was spongy and struck a good ratio...The generous portion of grilled onions was nearly perfect...Perhaps the burger isn't among the elite here in Los Angeles, but considering its solid and satisfying preparation along with a remarkably fair price ($4.25 for a double cheeseburger!)." [AHT]

11375 Riverside Drive, Los Angeles, CA, 91602