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Thierry Perez's Waterloo & City Opening in About A Month

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From Culver City comes the first news since early December that Thierry Perez and Carlos Tomazos’ Waterloo & City is indeed ready to open in “about a month.” Claiming the former Crest House space on a virtually restaurant-free strip of Washington Blvd., the forthcoming Waterloo & City will have the look, feel, and menu of an upscale-gastropub-meets-French-bistro, combining some of the successful formulas from places like The Village Idiot, Father’s Office, and Church & State. Perez, formerly of Fraiche in Culver City, has partnered with Tomazos, from Per Se and Gilt in New York, and an unnamed chef who shall remain nameless until he (she?) puts in notice at his/her current job. The menu is set to feature some archetypal gastropub food, which likely means a shmancy burger with frites, a duck dish, and probably an ahi tuna option. Tomazos says the menu will have a wide range of choices to please any palate.

Glance above to see what Waterloo & City looks like at this very moment, though by the time it actually opens an al fresco dining area will take up much of the parking lot. Perez plans to paint the front door bright red, behind which will exist a lounge area and the main dining room.

Inside, to the right and left of the front door, guests will see banquettes and the requisite large bar. In addition to serving as a restaurant, Waterloo & City will also offer a small deli/marketplace behind the bar and beyond the kitchen where guests can take home prepared foods.

As for the vintage Crest House sign... it's not going anywhere.
— Nicole Campoy-Leffler

Waterloo & City

12517 West Washington Boulevard, Los Angeles, CA, 9006

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