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Pitfire Pizza, Now Baking in Culver City

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Phone: 424-835-4088
Status: Opened Sunday
Pitfire Pizza in Culver City finally opened to the public on Super Bowl Sunday, after some delays due to recent rainstorms. The forth location of the successful pizza shop will feature their signature wood-fired pizzas and other artisan fare. Locals can look forward to a completely revamped interior (no more Shakey's!), along with a 30-seat patio, an olive grove, and an edible garden. A selection of beer and wine rounds out the menu. The restaurant is located on Washington Blvd, between Lincoln and Centinela - snugly situated within Venice, Culver City and Mar Vista.
Additional Reading: DelayWire, 1/21; Plywood Report, 1/6
—Yvonne Ip

Pitfire Pizza

12924 W. Washington Blvd., Los Angeles, CA, 90066

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