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Urban Noodle Serves Upscale Noodles Dtown

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Phone: 213-622-4949
Status: Opened today
A new day, a new restaurant opens downtown. This time around the newest kid on the block is Urban Noodle, a sleek new casual noodle spot claiming the old Warung Cafe space in the Old Bank District. Chef Kin Kwok Mu has 40 years of cooking experience from Mr. Chow in BH to stints in London, Vegas, and China. He hand-makes his noodle dough for dishes like spicy beef stew noodle, wonton noodle soup, and beef chow fun flat noodles, and while noodles are the mainstay, not all dishes include the slippery staple. Look for appetizers with tofu and edamame plus the requisite steamed pork dumplings. Check out the photo gallery below and peruse the industrial, clean, modern space with communal dining, individual tables, and a six seat bar. Opening hours are Mon-Fri 11AM to 10PM, and Sat 6-10PM. Also note, parking is difficult for Urban Noodle. The meters on 4th are five minutes per quarter with a potential $50 parking ticket if time runs out. The best bet is to drive over to the parking structure on Main between 4th and 5th.
Additional Reading: blogdowntown, 2/26
Additional Photos: Eater LA Flickr Page

Elizabeth Daniels 2/10

Urban Noodle

118 West 4th Street, Los Angeles, CA, 90013

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