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Illegal Whale Meat Served at The Hump, Cont.

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Heal the Bay president Mark Gold spoke in public comment at the Santa Monica City Council meeting last night about the whale meat issue at The Hump, pointing out that federal laws may have been broken and that the restaurant sits on city-owned land. He has asked that the city attorney’s office look into revoking their business permit. Santa Monica City Attorney, Marsha Moutrie responded that the standard lease clause allows the city to terminate a lease in the event that the owners commit a crime. Also, the city can revoke a business license for illegal activity. Moutrie promised to come back to the city council with the results of the city attorney's office investigation by the next city council meeting in two weeks. The other odd twist is that Mark’s brother, Jonathan, is the Pultizer Prize winning food critic who, to Mark’s dismay, often writes about eating endangered species. He also weighed in on the matter in Mark’s blog.
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