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Tender Greens Hollywood Now Open

Phone: 323-382-0380
Status: Opens today
At 11:30AM Tender Greens opened its fourth restaurant on the corner of Sunset and Vine. Check out the photos below, Tender Greens Hollywood definitely captures the same simple, sleek, and organic feel of the other locations, though this space is much larger than previous restaurants with 3,900 square feet and a 1,200 square foot outdoor patio for warmer days. As expected, the space boasts eco-friendly design elements from construction materials to furniture to lighting, owners have even installed a water filtering system (Ever Pure) and plan to stop using bottled water and soft drinks by the end of the year. The market-driven menu is the same as other Tender Greens with specials posted daily, and as for libations, local craft beers and wine are on offer.
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Tender Greens

6278 West Sunset Blvd., Hollywood, CA