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SIV Heads to Vegas, Gold Accidentally Discovers Bliss at Tasty Noodle House

1) This week SIV skips states and shares her top picks for where to dine at Vegas' new City Center: "With Twist at the top of the Mandarin Oriental hotel, Michelin three-star chef Pierre Gagnaire has opened a quietly confident restaurant. It's certainly not over-the-top luxurious...This food is much less elaborate, much more approachable and is built on impeccable technique and arresting flavors." Next up, Bar Masa for "sublime sushi," though after agreeing on a $150 per person omakase SIV still leaves hungry and disappointed, "To get the real experience, you'd need to spend at least $300 per person." SIV heads to Julian Serrano for "the most authentic [paella] I've had in this country," followed by Sage where "food is deeply delicious and satisfying." SIV enjoys lunch at Lemongrass, breakfast at Silk Road and one last dinner at Jean-Georges Steakhouse: "The sophisticated take on a steakhouse has a menu strong in first courses and sides." [LAT]

2) Jonathan Gold heads back to SG Valley for knife-cut noodles, this time the dive of choice is Tasty Noodle House. Unfortunately, the restaurant somehow changes the menu and morphs into an entirely different eatery since his list visit, nonetheless, he eats.

"What could I do? I ordered lunch. And I was blown away in a way that I haven't been in a Chinese restaurant for years, not by the chef's extravagant flavors but by his restraint...panfried pork bao, but the buns were perfectly fluffy and crisp, and the filling was as well-salted as good charcuterie...Dumplings stuffed with pork, shrimp and sea cucumber were almost painfully delicate; a cold dish of slivered cucumber with pork and vinegar showed a Michelin-starred chef's attention to detail...The cooking at Tasty Noodle House, which I know now is a refined version of the famous seafood-intensive cuisine of the northern port city Dalian, is superb. It's challenging and austere. And although the chile-heads and the noodle buffs are probably going to want to head elsewhere, I like it very much." [LAW]

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Tasty Noodle House

827 West Las Tunas Drive, San Gabriel, CA

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