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Joey Campanaro IS Headed for LA, to Santa Monica!

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Two weeks ago, NYC chef and owner of The Little Owl, Market Table, and executive chef for upcoming Kenmare, Joey Campanaro divulged interest in opening an LA restaurant, specifically on the east side in Elysian Heights. As it turns out Campanaro does plan to be bicoastal in the near future and is currently working on a project in Santa Monica. This could play out a few ways. Campanaro could be working on a solo venture, though rather unlikely. Campanaro's cousin owns year-old Salute Wine Bar on Main Street in SaMo, so the more likely outcome here is that the two are opening a new joint together, probably something seasonal and Italian since that is what Campanaro is known for in NYC, or another possibility could be to shutter Salute and reopen as a new concept. More to come. [EaterWire]

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