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Last Night's Preview Party at Goal, Thoughts on Food

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Prolific designer Kris Keith of Spacecraft (Ortolan, Delux, BoHo) and owner Chuck Pacheco (Villa) held a small press party last night for their new sports bar, Goal. Situated on 3rd Street near Joan's on Third and Ortolan, the bar is deceivingly posh from the outside, with grand glass doors and a simple brown awning. The inside, however, is all booths and bar-seating, with each of the interior walls lined with flat-screen TVs (13 to be exact). The dark wood facade and the deep red banquettes makes Goal feel more refined than Busby's or Q's, but the tavern still retains a sports bar look and feel with vintage sports pictures above the booths and waitresses clad in baseball t-shirts.

The food was un-spectacular but passable. The mixed crowd last night snacked on The Cheesy Chuck burger and Pirate Wings. The full menu is small and has one of everything from the stadium: burgers, wings (deep fried, smothered in their housemade "Pirate" BBQ sauce), nachos, corn dogs (mini-versions, served with 3 dipping sauces), grilled cheese and the requisite salads. Full bar with familiar beer standbys on tap.
·Bites and Sips at Goal [~ELA~]
— Yvonne Ip


8334 W 3rd St., Los Angeles, CA, 90048

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