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Covell Wine Bar Moving Into Los Feliz, About A Month Off

It's been a while since the last word on Covell, a new wine bar coming to Los Feliz headed by Dustin Lancaster, four year bartending vet from Cafe Stella, and Matthew Kaner from Silverlake Wine. Right now Covell is about four to six weeks away from inception and once complete will serve boutique wines and craft beer, even bottles to go. Food is to be controlled by Heirloom LA chef Matt Poley, though Covell won't have a full kitchen so the menu will be very small to start, basically just farm house cheeses, charcuterie, paté, olives, the like. Overall, the approach is to serve as a bar but offer small, high quality nibbles. [EaterWire]


4628 Hollywood Boulevard, , CA 90027 (323) 660-4400 Visit Website


4628 Hollywood Boulevard, los angeles, ca