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Canters Gets A Food Truck, Sampling The Stout Burger

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Photo: Elina Shatkin/LAW

FOOD TRUCKS— LAW reports that LA staple Canter's Deli has launched a food truck! The vehicle is slated to serve this week with a limited menu that will expand in the future to the expected deli sandwiches, sides, a salad, matzoh ball soup (course) and desserts like black and white cookies. Sandwiches will cost between $5 and $10, and run about 25% smaller that the behemoths served in the restaurant.

HOLLYWOOD— A Hamburger Today drops by Stout for a bite of a burger. Overall the Stout Burger seems to have a bit too much going on, "I couldn't quite enjoy the competing nuttiness of the Gruyère...and the funk of the blue...the horseradish cream didn't really step forward with a layer of heat to balance out the fat." Also, "I tried the Stout burger on three separate occasions and each time it came out overcooked," that's not good. However, on the bright side, "The beef and bun are both very good." [AHT]


419 N Fairfax Ave., Los Angeles, CA, 90048