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Cana Soft Opens Tomorrow, $6 Cocktails on Offer!

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Cana was suppose to open last week, but welcome to the world of delays. Anyway, word just in that the rum bar will soft open tomorrow. Located in The Doheny’s old spot, the new bar's official name is Cana Rum Bar at The Doheny. The space has been remodeled slightly with lighter, varying shades of white, sand, and blue, (the color of the South Seas) plus vintage lamps, three chandeliers, mahogany tabletops, vintage captain’s chairs, Colonial-era Caribbean paintings, and Caribbean and latin beats to set the scene. Once the bar gets a permit from the city, there will be a neon sign facing Flower Street.

On the subject of membership, a new $20 annual fee has been instituted and offers members complimentary rums tastings and spirit education from time to time. In the future Cana will offer weekly drink specials including fresh mojitos and daiquiris for a mere $6, good deal. General hours will be 6PM to 2AM Monday through Friday, 7PM to 2AM Saturdays. [EaterWire]
—Yolanda Evans


714 W Olympic Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90015