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David Haskell Leaves Vertical, New Project In The Works; Comfort Truck Launches; MORE

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AROUND TOWN— Five month after joining team Vertical, Feast brings word that David Haskell has left the wine bar. Haskell confirms the information adding, "All I can say is I have another project in the works in LA." [EaterWire]

FOOD TRUCKS— More food truck news. Today Top Chef alum Brian Hill debuts his mobile food vehicle, the Comfort Truck, slinging a slew of sliders, wraps, wingettes (fried chicken wings), and "crack chips" (fried tortilla chips). [LAW]

AROUND TOWN— LAT sheds light on the Zankou Chicken tragedy, citing the lack of rapid expansion as a direct result of family drama, literally family members being at war with one another. Unfortunately, looks like no signs of reconciliation in the near future. [LAT]

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