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SIV Tries Carlitos Gardel, J.Gold Visits Vincenti

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1) Carlitos Gardel: No newbies this week, instead SIV revisits the Melrose standby Carlitos Gardel for a solid experience. " is less fancy restaurant fare, more Argentine home cooking...The primary reason you go to Carlitos Gardel, though, is for the steaks. The beef is grass-fed Angus, and even less expensive cuts, like the skirt steak, have a deep beefy flavor. That skirt steak, actually, may be my favorite. Stretched out lengthwise to what looks like easily a foot, a skinny foot, it is juicy and chewy, a steak with texture...Here, it's Buenos Aires sometime in the past and all is well." [LAT]

2) Vincenti: A pesto competition brings The Goldster to Vincenti in Brentwood, and though he doesn't wine the trip to Genoa, after consuming a pesto dinner at the restaurant he remembers why he once named Vincenti the best Italian restaurant in Los Angeles. "Mastronardi can flat-out cook. And when I returned to the restaurant, eager to visit those sections of the menu that did not necessarily include pulverized basil, I remembered why I liked it so much." [LAW]

The Elsewhere: The Find discovers Ngu Binh in Little Saigon, Kung Food Panda dines at Petrossian, Eat: LA chooses Lazy Ox Canteen, Gastronomy ventues out to PappaRich, LA and OC Foodventures tries out The Lido Deck in Newport, Potatomato lunches at Bombay Cafe, and Refined Palate drops by Stefan's on Montana.

Carlitos Gardel

7963 Melrose Ave., Los Angeles, CA, 90046

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