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Thierry Perez OUT of Waterloo & City, Opening April

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Following up with yesterday's post on the anticipated opening of Waterloo & City, as it turns out the sometimes volatile Thierry Perez has left the venture, specifics are unknown. However, in his place comes actor Kip Pardue, a neophyte to the restaurant biz. A few more details on the food front, Waterloo & City will serve "fine coffees," cured meats, cheeses, wines, fresh pizzas and pastas with a "California flair for fresh and local ingredients." The dining space will be divided into two main areas, one for casual dinners and one for more formals meals. Stay tuned for an opening in April.
·Waterloo & City Mystery Chef Revealed [~ELA~]

Waterloo & City

12517 Washington Blvd.,Culver City, CA

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