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Jeffrey Cerciello LA Restaurant Space Revealed: Claims Old City Bakery Location

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City Bakery inside the Brentwood Country Mart shuttered last April leaving a broad expanse of white cabinets and white marble in its wake. Let's rewind. Late January Eater SF reported the incredibly exciting news that Thomas Keller's right hand man Jeffrey Cerciello had plans to head south to the City of Angels for his own solo venture. Side note, for more than ten years Cerciello has held the esteemed position as Director of Casual Dining for the Thomas Keller Restaurant Group, kudos to him for finally doing his own thing. Anyway, many hints were there: "gourmet market and cafe in the Brentwood area" yup, the old City Bakery space is Cerciello's new LA home! While the design phase is happening right now construction has yet to start. Add this to the list of blockbuster openings hopefully for 2010.
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Elizabeth Daniels 2/10

225 26th Street, Santa Monica, CA, 90402

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