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Bite Bar & Bakery Debuts in Santa Monica

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Phone: 424-744-8658
Status: Soft opened yesterday
Yesterday Bite Bar & Bakery soft opened in the former Violet home on Pico serving an abbreviated menu of baked goods, breakfast dishes, and lunch offerings such as toasted crab sandwich with paprika aioli, homemade bbq pulled pork sandwich, and spring salad of watermelon, watercress, and scallions with shallot-citrus vinaigrette. Check out the cozy space, no more crazy wall paintings, but hey those chairs look familiar. Leftovers from the old Violet era. Anyway, owner Elizabeth Goel is taking it slow to start but she plans to eventually open in the evening to serve small plates, Cali wine/local beer, and late night desserts. All sweets are made in-house with ingredients sourced from local farmers markets and the chocolate of choice is Valrhona. Stay tuned for later hours and booze.
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Additional Photos: Eater LA Flickr Page

Elizabeth Daniels 3/10

Bite Bar & Bakery

3221 Pico Blvd, Santa Monica, CA 90405

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