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One More Chance To Win, Follow Eater LA on Twitter

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Thanks to everyone that followed Eater LA on Twitter yesterday, three lucky winners have messages waiting in their Twitter inboxes regarding their win, check to see if you are one of the three. For those loyal members who have been with us since the beginning, we want to offer a prize to you too. On Friday morning we will give away two tickets to next Monday's press preview of The Edison's Radio Room with free cocktails, oysters, and other goodies, yum. On hand guests mixologists this evening include Simon Ford (Pernod Ricard), Giuseppe Gonzalez (Dutch Kills & Painkiller, NYC), Zane Harris (Rob Roy, Seattle) and Don Lee (Momofuku, NYC). So, those of you who are following us right now, you are in the running. Those of you who are not following us but would like to enter to win should hop on Twitter and start following @eaterla at this moment. All questions should be directed to the comments. Merci.

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